Entering treatment is the best way to build a positive support network of peers who deal with similar situations.
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All of us at Pathway to Recovery have struggled with the disease of addiction and today live in happy and healthy recovery with the sole objective to help families in crisis find the precious gift of recovery.

We understand how hard it is to make that first phone call. We want you to feel comfortable in knowing that every person on our team understands what you are going through and is here to help you without judgment.

As people in recovery, we understand the disease of addiction and that the window of willingness (to get help) is often very short. Our goal is to fast track your admission to a treatment center that matches your specific needs so that you can get the help you deserve.

We choose to work with only the best treatment centers in the nation; those that have a proven track record of success when working with those truly motivated to lead healthy and happy lives in sobriety. The facilities we work with offer the very best in holistic and clinical treatment and will provide you with the help and tools you need to change your life.

The best and biggest decision you made was to go into treatment.
The most important decision you have to make now is finding the best treatment center that fits all your needs.
At reset addiction we choose the treatment center tailored to your needs by getting to know you first.

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What is the Treatment Experience?

There is no perfect method to recovery. By using a consistent combination of approaches leads to successful treatment. Addiction treatment therapy is a primary part of any rehabilitation program and its effectiveness increases and broadens clients’ perspective for every aspect during their recovery. When addicts work with counselors at their treatment center it leads to tremendous healing.

Communication Classes:

By developing the skills to communicate, clients can work better with counselors and in group therapy sessions.

One-on-One Counseling:

Rehabilitation utilizing one-on-one counseling provides necessary personal attention and care to every addict’s recovery.

Group Therapy:

While every recovery patient has a personal counselor for one-on-one therapy sessions, the group dynamic is an important part of addiction treatment. In this group setting, individuals work together at different stages of the recovery process. Just by sharing their own experiences and goals will help each other move forward.

Skill Classes:

The impact of therapy combines with the teachings from skills classes. With a new open mindset, recovering addicts begin to discover what types of people they want to be in their future lives through courses on learning improvement, personal values, integrity, and the way to happiness.

And Many More:

Art therapy, Voluntary religious worship (optional), Nutrition, Yoga, Physical fitness, Acupuncture, Massage therapy, Meditation


Best Drug Rehabilitation’s approach to addiction treatment therapy builds towards a successful recovery with strong aftercare. After graduation, clients continue their addiction treatment therapy with follow-up counseling and local support groups.

Insurance accepted. Call Us When You’re Ready.

We accept both HMO (in network) and PPO (out of network) insurance plans.

How Can I Afford My Treatment?

We are fortunate to have an excellent network of treatment facilities whom we work closely with to make sure all your needs are met. We deal with 5 star facilities with the best clinical staff and top accommodations. You deserve to be rewarded for taking the steps needed to give you a productive and meaningful life.

Top facilities cost between 25 – 40 thousand dollars monthly. This does not include detox. Even the best insurances do not cover the cost. We, at Pathway to Recovery do not want monetary issues stopping you from getting the help you need. Our insurance specialists will verify your benefits, explore what your insurance entitles you to and work directly with the facility to secure a bed for you and get you started. We work with you regardless of your financial situation.

Help to a new and healthy life is just a Pathway to Recovery phone call away. Pick up the phone and let us at Pathway to Recovery get you started and give you the help you deserve in a healthy and caring environment.

Is it Worth It?

Your insurance plan may have you covered.Drug and alcohol addiction is a medical disease and, as such, its treatment at a addiction treatment center is often covered by many health insurance policies. Every health insurance policy is different, our staff can check with your insurance for you to see if you are covered.

Does Health Insurance Help?

At Pathway to Recovery we have obtained quite a fantastic reputation for “making it work.” Whether the issue is that of a higher deductible, In Network versus Out of Network benefit restrictions, or any other myriad of obstacles that would otherwise keep one from obtaining the help they so desperately require and deserve; If it can be done at all, Pathway to Recovery has and will continue to call upon it’s various firm long standing corporate and business relationships to see your desire through to fruition. Simply put, if at all ethically and legally possible, Pathway to Recovery will help facilitate the removal of any and all barriers to treatment.

Can I Borrow It?

Have any family members who are willing to help pay for treatment? Do you have a savings account or retirement account that you can borrow from to pay for your addiction treatment services? Drug and alcohol addiction treatment is a medical necessity if you are struggling with addiction. But in all cases it is cheaper to start today than wait till the problem gets worse. And addiction without treatment can only get worse.

to name a few

We accept both HMO (in network) and PPO (out of network) insurance plans.

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